Essential Front End Web Development Tools

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Essential Front End Web Development Tools

You must have heard a lot about front end web development but do you know exactly what is front end web development and some of the useful tools that can be used? Fret not! We will be going through the fundementals of front end web development and what some of the tools you may use to help you navigate through the complexity of Java Script, cascading style sheet and more.

What is front end web development?

Front end web development is simply the practice of making the data into graphical form with HTML, Javascript and Cascading style sheet for user to view and interact with.

Sublime Text

There are many great text editor out there such as Atom, Notepad++ etc but Sublime Text is my personal favorite. It is also one of the most popular text editor in the market. It is of course not without any reasons. It is a extreme light weight, speedy platform with very well designed interface that allows for simultaneous editing via a lot of keyboard shortcuts. Overall a very efficient text editor that help save vast amount of time.


If you are a web developer, this should be very familiar to you. jQuery is widely used by millions of the most well known website today.  It is first released in 2006 by John Resig. The purpose of jQuery is to try resolve the inefficiency and complexity of Javascript. It is much faster and has a smaller Javascript library that simplify the whole process without sacrificing it’s capability to create power dynamic website and web application.


I am going to talk about this wonderful platform. To me, it is a life saver and I mean literally. It allows rollback to previous version if you made any mistakes while working on a new function.  Github offers a variety of features such as distributed version control, source code management, access control, bug tracking and other collaboration functions.


Stackoverflow is a free question and answer platform for programming professional and enthusiast. It is extremely useful to crowd source any difficult programming questions you may have. I often find fast response to my question and most importantly it is free to use. It helps save programmers a lot of time and also avoiding any pit holes or mistakes made by others.

Chrome Developer Tool

Last but not least, I want to talk about Chrome Developer Tool. This is one of the top tier front end web development tool for debugging and identifiying cascading style sheet elements/properties/reference for making changes.  Besides that, you can test the responsiveness of the website and also debug Javascript or run time performance issues.