Importance of Responsive Web Design

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Benefits of Web Responsive Site

Have you ever wonder why companies are getting web design agency or professional web developer to create a website that is optimized to show on all devices aka web responsive. In today’s world, user behavior is changing rapidly and you find people using their devices during different period of time. You would want your website to look good and also user-friendly whether the users are surfing your website using mobile phone, tablet or laptop. They are not the only reasons why responsive web design is increasingly gaining popularity.  In this article, we will show you the benefits of having responsive web design, highlighting it’s importance.

Boost in Search Engine Ranking

In 2015, Google announced that all mobile friendly and responsive website will get a boost in the search engine ranking. Any website designed only for large screen devices will get a significant downgrade in the search engine ranking.

Improve Sales Conversion Rate

With improved site experience, user will be able to navigate easily and find what they need in a shorter period of time. The user is also able to gain familiarity with the consistent appearance of the site with unified design approach. The consistency of the brand look and feel further enhance the positive emotion user have on the site which will have a positive impact on the sales conversion rate.

Ease of Analytics Reporting

There will be no need to have many sites tagging to track the redirection of sites, sales funnel or user journey with web responsive site. You can easily use site analytics tool such as Google Analytics to track the user journey between different devices etc.  All these allows for easier consolidation of a single analytics reporting.

Save Time & Cost on Site Development

You will be able to save a lot of time and cost with web responsive site because you do not need to create another standalone mobile site and perform all the redirection depending on usage of various devices. Less time is also needed to perform the necessary testing across different sites hence reducing the development cost and time.